When to replace the springs Resortes Rm
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When to replace the springs

To change the springs in the precise moment is the best way of avoiding accidents and guaranteeing satisfaction in the suspension repairs. This change can often represent a significant saving in the economy of the vehicle´s owner.

For better performance, the springs must be replaced every two changes of shock absorbers, although this period can vary according to the conditions to which the vehicle has been submitted. If it has been used regularly in rough areas or for continuous loading, the control will have to be made more frequently.

Having the springs in good conditions, the shock absorbers work better, allowing a better adhesion of the tyres to the floor and providing a safe driving. The tyres are less worn out and the wheels keep aligned for more time. On the other hand, the change of springs is performed through a simple and sure step using the suitable tools.

It is important not only to verify that the spring to be replaced is the one specified for the vehicle but also to change both springs to avoid imbalances. Alterations to which the vehicle has been submitted must always be taken into account, such as any fitting that may have modified its weight (air conditioning, hydraulic direction, G.N.C. load, changes of engines to diesel, etc.), since in these cases, they need special springs. Siempre deben ser tenidas en cuanto alteraciones a las que el vehículo ha sido sometido, como la colocación de accesorios que modifiquen su peso (aire acondicionado, dirección hidráulica, carga. G.N.C., cambios de motor de naftero a diesel, etc.), ya que para estos casos se justifica el uso de resortes especiales.

Finally, as it happens in suspension repairs, it is necessary to verify the direction alignment after having the spring changed. Besides, a standard alignment provides reliable signs of the spring condition.


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