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Frequent questions

The comercialization of our products is not on us, so you must ask for your order through any of the shops which work with our trademark.
You should take your car to a garage especialised in that since our company deals with suspension springs.
The springs which are not in the list can be manufactured specially. These are the springs which are not in the catalogue with adequate specifications to meet the needs of a specific consumer.
If there is a wear or break of the suspension rubber pads.
If there is a premature wear of shock absorbers, ball joints and tie-rod ends.
If your vehicle tends to be open more and more when taking a curve.
If your vehicle is inclined or low.
Every time you add a fitting to your vehicle which modifies its weight (GNC, any sound equipment, etc.)
Your vehicle springs must be checked every 50,000km, and they must be replaced at 80,000 km as a maximun. Though you do not realise of any change. in your vehicle, replace the springs every 80,000 km as a maximun since a weary spring may have an identical appearance to a new one.
The company recommends:
Do not cut or warm springs, safety and stability may be lost.
When cutting the springs, the bases do not match with the supports and they may be moved. When warming them, the steel properties are modified and this may break and/or distort the spring.
It is recommendable to change springs every two changes of shock absorbers.
The sports springs may be:
- Street: (for street vehicles with a reduction height which varies between 40 and 60 mm)
- Ground : (for vehicles with a reduction height which varies between 70 and 90 mm and it is recommended to place them together with sport absorbers)
- Progressive: Not only do they improve the original movement of the vehicle, but they smooth it. The height reduction varies between 40 and 60 mm maximum. It is not necesssary to modify the original absorber to place them.
- Win: the best premium development in springs for medium and high range.
It is not recommendable to place sport springs when the vehicle has overweight.
If a vehiche with overweight has to be lowered, a tailored spring must be manufactured, taking into account the weight variations.


If you want to inquire about our products you can contact through our call center, via email or by completing the form below.


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