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When placing RM Sports Springs you will notice:

1 Better stability since the vehicle centre of gravity is lowered.

2 Better control since the distance from the floor during acceleration is avoided.

3 Better stuck to the ground in sudden rough turns.

4 Better safety since the braking distance is mostly reduced.

5 It improves the original movement of the vehicle.

6 It increases the aesthetics and highligths the sport line of the vehicle.

 Characteristics of RM Sports Springs 

On having a vehicle lowered, not only we are improving conductive and safety characteristics, but we are also adding an extra element to the personalization of the car, giving it a more aggressive and aesthetic line. That is why every vehicle is special and it deserves a personalized attention since two vehicles are never equal because their drivers are different, as well as their tuning fitting.

RM Springs is prepared to satisfy every consumer´s needs. That is why, we provide a complete line of sports springs that is divided in three groups: Street, Ground and Progressive.

STREET Springs: they are designed for street vehicles whose height reduction varies between 40 and 60 mm, which allows in most of the cases, to be placed without modifying another suspension element.

Ground Springs: their difference from the previous ones is the height reduction, which varies between 70 and 90 mm. It is recommendable to be placed together with sports shock absorbers.

WIN springs: Win is the best premium development in springs for medium and high top line vehicles, as well as diesel and turbodiesel. These are designed in most of the cases to be placed without modifying any original suspension element from the vehicle.They have been tested in vehicles to probe its best performance. RM WIN provides a height reduction which varies between 40 and 50mm.

PROGRESSIVE Springs: Apart from improving the original movement of the vehicle, they smooth it.The height reduction varies between 40 and 60 mm as a maximun. It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to modify the original absorber to place this kind of spring. This model, as it has progression between the turns, smoothens the vehicle movement in the city or at low speed. At high speed in highways, routes, etc. the suspension is hardened and behaves as a sports vehicle.

When placing any of these three models you will have to reduce the suspension limit up to 50 %.

Summing up, if you use RM springs, you will achieve: better stability, reaction, manoeuvrability, control, safety and maximum performance.


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