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The spring is a fundamental component of any suspension. If the springs are weary, they are dangerous because they can cause noises, shocks that loose the front wheel assembly and even accidents. Therefore, our springs are designed so that the whole car suspension system works normally without further requirements rather than the common ones.

All our frontal sports springs are designed for gasoline engine vehicles and those which are designed for diesel engine vehicles are duly clarified. As for the back springs, they are for standard vehicles with overweight (GNC, Music equipment, etc.). In case your vehicle is diesel or has an overweight in its back, you will have to inform it before buying the special springs, and we will manufacture them according to your needs.

When cutting or warming a spring, the only thing that you will achieve is to lose. safety, comfort and stability in driving. When cutting the springs, the bases do not match with the supports and they may be moved. When warming them, the steel properties are modified and this may break and/or distort the spring. Not only does the suspension work incorrectly, but it also reduces the useful life of the whole set (absorbers, ball joints, bushings, tie rod ends, etc).

There were cases in which a cut spring has been moved causing the break of a tyre and a further accident as a consequence. Remember that bad springs affect directly to the vehicle performance and especially its passengers safety.

Summing up, if you use RM springs, you will achieve: better stability, reaction, manoeuvrability, control, safety and maximum performance.


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